MARCH 2021
What this past year meant...
Hello Friends of Mary’s Place,

I hope this note finds you and your families well!  As we approach the one year mark of the pandemic, we realize how much has changed for every person in our world.   For our Mary’s Place community, we hold each one of you close in our hearts: To our practitioners, THANK YOU for pivoting your practice to virtual sessions. We now host over 75 virtual sessions per month and have almost 800 attendees monthly from across the country! To our donors, THANK YOU for your continued support. You mean the world to us. And finally, THANK YOU to our guests for making our
community what it is and allowing us to support you in so many ways.

“From adversity is opportunity.” Benjamin Franklin

We THANK YOU all from our OPEN and GRATEFUL hearts and look forward to the day very soon when we can meet you face-to-face, share a cup of tea by the fireplace and hit the “pause button” together. 

Sending you much love,
Michele and the Team at Mary’s Place
Our journey this past year ...
"Each virtual session that I have attended at Mary’s Place has made a great impact in my life by making a way for me to connect with others. I do not feel lonely or isolated. I am finding that there are positive ways to experience healing and personal growth. I am letting go of the hurt in the past and making room for the healing of my spirit and soul through writing, meditation, and Reiki. Mary’s Place has awakened the special and unique God-given creativity that has been lying dormant in me."

Virtual Guest of Mary's Place by the Sea
"I feel so grateful to be able to offer my services to the guests to guide them into more relaxed states of being. Over the years Restorative yoga has been a great tool for me to experience and delve into deeper study. I have witnessed the positive effects with people in my classes  and am so happy to share these tools with the Mary’s Place guests."

Cheryl Rosenfield, Yoga Practitioner
"This past year has taught me a great deal about what is truly important to me;  my Faith, my family, my friends, and my co-workers, my job and my health. AND LIFE!!!! This time has also given me the opportunity to reflect on my new position as House Manager at Mary’s Place and how much this means to me. I’ve focused on our guests' needs by building upon our virtual services program. It is so amazing. Our guests feel a strong sense of community even though we haven’t been able to serve them in-house. They receive almost all of the same services and care as if they are visiting our beautiful home. This is what our mission strives for. Our guests are so appreciative. I’ve also assisted in creating a volunteer handbook and built a wonderful relationship with our volunteers and practitioners. Especially those who I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting in my former position at Mary’s Place."

Susan Barrett, House Manager

"It’s been incredible to watch the Mary’s Place community grow and thrive through our virtual program. Connections are made and friendships are formed every day during our virtual sessions. I’m most grateful for the unwavering support of our amazing practitioners. They offer so much of their time to our mission and thanks to all of them, we’re able to provide so many wonderful services to our guests every month via Zoom."

Elizabeth Bryndza, Program Manager
“This past year has thrown many challenges our way. One of my biggest challenges personally was finding a way to stay connected to all of our guests, when I wasn’t able to feed them in person. Then the virtual cooking classes came to be! I have to say, at first I was terrified. Being in the spotlight is not something I am usually comfortable with. Much to my surprise (and delight!), the virtual cooking classes have turned out to be one of the most gratifying things I have ever done. Being able to connect with our guests virtually has given me the chance to share my passion for food and wellbeing in new ways. It has also been a great challenge and a chance for me to grow professionally in a way I didn’t know was possible.” 

Cathy Russo, Chef
"I have to say the team at Mary's Place is amazing, this past year has taught us so many things and we have grown in so many ways both personally and professionally. We inspire and lift each other up  everyday. We are constantly brainstorming on how we can support the women we serve in our community and beyond! ! I am in awe of the positive messages we receive from our guests and the community! We can't wait and look forward to re-opening our doors soon! God Bless!"

Clare Freda, Office Manager
"Throughout the past year, I have enjoyed  supporting our guests through the challenge of taking our fundraising events to a virtual format. From our virtual Walk-A-Thon & Giving Tuesday last fall, to the December Holiday Show with Quincy Mumford and the current Pot of Hope Raffle, we have been fortunate to have such an amazing community of donors who have continued to support us through it all. The thing I am most excited about is getting our donor community together for our first in-person event in over a year... our first ever Golf Outing this June!"

Kara Grimes, Communications & Development Manager
News & Events
Mary's Place by the Sea continues to offer virtual services to women with cancer and survivors up to ten years post-treatment. If you or someone you know would benefit from these services, please click here to learn more!

Elizabeth Bryndza joined our team as the Program Manager in September of 2020. She has already been a great asset as she jumped right into leading and growing our Virtual Services Program along with Susan Barrett, who transitioned into the role of  House Manager last year. We can’t wait to see both Susan and Elizabeth’s talents in full swing once we reopen our home to guests.

Mary's Place by the Sea would like to share that Maria McKeon is no longer affiliated with our organization. All at Mary's Place wish Maria well in her endeavors, as we continue to support women with cancer through integrative services which complement their treatment and empower, educate, and support their healing: mind, body and soul.

Our upcoming fundraising events include: our Super 50/50 Pot of Hope Raffle which is going on now (get your tickets before they are sold out!), our first-ever Swing for the Soul Golf Outing at Jumping Brook Country Club, and our 10th Annual Walk-A-Thon (date coming soon) this fall. As always, we thank you for your generous support of our guests.
Pot of Hope
Drawing on March 17
Tickets $10
Current Total: $20,000
Goal: $40,000

50% of Proceeds from this raffle will provide hope to women with cancer.

Drawing held Wednesday March 17, 2021 at 7pm on Facebook live.

Winners need not be present to win, no give back will be permitted.
Swing for the Soul
Golf Outing/ June 21
Jumping Brook
Country Club
Neptune, NJ
7:30am Shotgun
$225 Golfer

Registration fee includes continental breakfast and barbeque lunch, 18 hole greens fee, carts, contest holes, & more!
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About us:
Mary’s Place by the Sea is a respite home for women who are receiving treatment for cancer. We provide services that complement their medical treatment, including oncology massage, nutrition education, individual counseling, Reiki, guided meditation and yoga.