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Sanctuary by the Sea: A Poem by M.U.

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Guest Victoria’s twin brother, and beautiful writer, crafted a poem to reflect her experience by the Sea.

Capture this Moment

It’s often challenging to put feelings into words, especially when it comes to a personal cancer experience. While visiting Mary’s Place, guest Victoria took a moment to call her twin brother, the one person who always understands her and has offered tremendous support through her diagnosis and treatment.

Through the course of their brief conversation, Victoria shared her feelings about her stay and her brother was able to grasp the impact Mary’s Place had on his sister. He said “I think I know [what you are experiencing]. I’ll write a poem and tell me if I’ve captured your feelings”.

We think Victoria’s brother captured more than just her emotions; we think he captured the mission of Mary’s Place by the Sea. We hope you love this poem as much as we do.

Sanctuary by the Sea 

by M.U.

In Ocean Grove, by the sea’s embrace,
Where waves whisper tales of grace, 
Stands a haven, Mary’s Place, 
A sanctuary of healing space. 

Here, where the sea meets the sky, 
Under the vast, hopeful canopy high, 
Women gather, spirits entwined, 
In a dance of healing, 
beautifully designed. 

In rooms aglow with gentle light, 
Through days of peace, and restful nights, 
Nourished by meals, pure and fine, 
In this refuge, souls realign. 

The beach, a canvas of thoughts 
Unspoken with every tide, 
a new token of strength found in serenity’s lap, 
A guiding light through cancer’s map. 

To all who shared this journey’s part, 
You’ve touched the depths of my heart. 
In laughter, tears, in stories new, 
in the warmth of kinship, strong and true.  

For moments shared, for kindness shown, 
In this place, where love has grown, 
Gratitude flows, deep and free, 
For the gifts received by the sea. 

So as I bid this haven adieu, 
Carrying memories, fresh as morning dew, 
I leave a piece of my heart in this place, 
In Mary’s arms, by the sea’s grace.

By: M.U