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Become a volunteer

We are blessed to have over 150 active volunteers giving their time, talents, and love to our mission! We utilize volunteers for guest hospitality, kitchen prep and food service, administrative and fundraising event support, and more. Please complete the Volunteer Application Form and we will be in touch.

Complete a Volunteer Application

Each of our volunteers play an integral role in our mission and we could not provide everything that we do without your help. From preparing meals and doing laundry to providing administrative support and planning events, we have a role for anyone willing to lend a hand. Here are some of the activities and roles for our volunteers:

House Volunteer Support

  • Room Turnover, Laundry, Cleaning
  • Meal Presentation and Kitchen Clean-Up

Office Administration

  • Filing
  • Data Entry
  • Special Projects

Fundraising Support

We are also always looking for volunteers to help us run our events. Our annual fundraising events draw in a large crowd and we appreciate the helping hands during these busy times. Check out our events page to see our calendar of major events. Here are some ways our fundraising volunteers support our events:

  • Solicitation/brainstorming for potential vendors or sponsors
  • Sharing the event on social media and in-person to encouraging participation
  • Gift auction item solicitation and gift basket packaging
  • Street-teaming with brochures and posters
  • Introducing or reaching out to volunteer groups
  • Volunteering on the day of the event

Golf Volunteers

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