Our Mission and History


Our mission is to support women with cancer through integrative services which complement their medical treatment and empower, educate and support their healing: mind, body and soul.



The Vision of Mary's Place by the Sea is a world where every woman with cancer has a PLACE to feel whole.


Faith, Hope, Kindness, Humility, LOVE, Fairness, Creativity, Innovation, Progress, Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Humor, Patience, Authenticity

Who we are

Mary’s Place by the Sea is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women who are receiving treatment for cancer.  We provide services that complement their medical treatment, including oncology massages, nutrition education, individual counseling, expressive writing, reflexology, Reiki, guided meditation, prayer, and yoga...at no cost to our guests.  Our guests are given the opportunity to hit the pause button on their medical treatments and daily responsibilities and just be. Our integrative services provide our guests rest and support during this challenging time in their lives. They are empowered with knowledge that will aid them on their road to healing.

Please note: Mary’s Place by the Sea is not a medical facility with medical staff or aides.  

Our History

When Mary's Place by the Sea first opened its doors in 2009,  two rooms were rented at a lovely B & B at 7 Ocean Avenue in Ocean Grove.  Michele Gannon and Maria McKeon, Co-Founders, began reaching out to oncology offices and groups supporting women with cancer sharing their vision.  The response was immediate...finally, a place for women with cancer to come and be surrounded by love and understanding.  A place where cancer was a common denominator, but not the defining attribute.  A place where taking a deep breath, sharing challenges and experiences and recognizing the needs of the whole person was the focal point. This resounding concept spread. Over the course of the next year, more women with cancer wanted to stay than the accommodations would allow. In 2011, Mary's Place moved to 15 Broadway, a historic, four-bedroom home which needed minor renovations to accommodate up to four women overnight.  

After five years of welcoming women through these doors and many more on waiting lists, the decision to build a new home was an easy one.  The demand for a respite was high as we learned about more and more women who were facing this life-altering disease. 

In June of 2016, we opened the doors to our new, custom-built, state of the art home. Up to 9 guests are now  able stay overnight in a private room with a full bathroom.  Our guests with mobility issues can participate in all services available, thanks to an elevator carrying them to our upper floors.  This is particularly significant for our guests who previously shared bathrooms and climbed many stairs to enter into our front door. While serving more women with cancer, we have expanded our programs.  We have established a mental health counseling program to provide our guests with the support they need on a regular basis.  Group workshops and virtual sessions are also offered on a regular basis.  Mary's Place continues to be a safe haven for all women who walk through our doors.

Mary’s Place offers a wide range of complimentary services to our guests.  We work with you to customize your visit so that you can take advantage of as many, or as few, of these services as you want.  We can also develop customized services if you let us know what you need in advance.  All of our services are provided by experienced, highly-qualified practitioners. Some services include: Oncological Massage, Reiki/Healing Touch therapy, Integrative Self-Care Therapies, Nutritional counseling, Journal Writing, Social Worker/Counseling, Gentle Yoga.