Counseling room at Mary's Place by the Sea


Experience growth and achieve peace through emotional support with our professional counselors


Develop coping strategies

Receive emotional support and experience growth. Process and establish coping strategies for life’s many challenges, pre and post-diagnosis, with the guidance of a professional counselor.

Love notes from our guests

Counseling was a true gift during a very difficult time. I needed counseling more than I ever knew. The counselor offered me comfort, guidance and support during one of the most difficult times in my life. I will never forget that this assistance was offered to me. I am forever grateful for your contribution to my personal healing process.

– Guest of Mary’s Place by the Sea


Joelle Aponte – Individual Counseling Practitioner

Joelle Aponte


As a cancer survivor with 20+ years as a counselor, Joelle offers her expertise and compassion to our guests.

Joan Casarella – Counseling Practitioner

Joan Casarella


Joan provides one-on-one counseling for guests and utilizes her skills as a private practice therapist to help guests process their experiences.

Pat Corlett – Individual Counseling Practitioner

Patricia Corlett


Pat has over 30 years of experience in counseling services and utilizes her compassionate approach and knowledge of family systems therapy to help each guest in her own healing process.

Hands holding a heart practitioner icon

Kelly Dyckman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Kelly is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, stress and anxiety related to health conditions and relationship concerns. Kelly is passionate about supporting individuals in addressing and navigating the emotional and relational impact of health changes and diagnoses.

Patricia Hanna – Individual Counseling Practitioner

Patricia Hannah


Patricia provides individual and group counseling at Mary’s Place by the Sea.  She facilitates our Expressive Therapeutic Support and Coping Skills groups. Patricia utilizes her extensive experience to create a space for growth and healing for our guests.

Terry Hennessy – Individual Counseling Practitioner

Terry Hennessy


Terry has many years of individual counseling experience and brings her heart and soul to our mission as she supports our guests on their healing journeys.

Jeanne Marie Mirabella – Individual Counseling Practitioner

Jeanne Marie Mirabella


Jeanne Marie is honored to be a member of our mission and to spend time with our guests; listening, witnessing, and sharing in their journeys.

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman

Certified Mental Health Counselor

Cindy is a certified mental health counselor for Mary’s Place by the Sea. As a cancer survivor, Cindy offers a safe and supportive space for women as they explore and navigate their many paths to healing. 

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