Susan Barrett, Resident House Manager

    • “Mary's Place by the Sea is a shining star. Women enduring cancer are led here. Upon entering this beautiful home, they immediately feel peace. I am truly humbled and honored to a part of this unique home caring for and attending to the needs of women with cancer. I sincerely believe finding my new purpose here at Mary's Place has changed my life in an unimaginable way. I am blessed to work with phenomenal women who inspire me each and every day. Mary's Place is my second home."
  • Susan Barrett is the Resident Night House Manager of Mary’s Place By the Sea. 
  • Susan was a guest of Mary’s Place before becoming a volunteer, and now a staff
    member.  She assisted our counselors before the support groups, helped with office
    tasks, participated in fundraising events sharing the story of Mary’s Place.  Susan’s
    passion for nurturing others makes it easy for our guests to feel comfortable and
    relaxed.  She loves interacting with our guests, hearing about their journeys, and
    lending a sympathetic ear.  Susan is committed to the mission of Mary’s Place,
    healing women who have been affected with cancer... mind, body and soul.