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The Vision of Mary's Place by the Sea is a world where every woman with cancer has a PLACE to feel whole.

Please note that we recommend completing this questionnaire on a computer, rather than a cell phone. Scheduling a stay at Mary’s Place begins with completing the following Reservation Inquiry.  Please complete all information required, and press the submit button at the bottom of the page.  You will be contacted within 72 hours; in the event that you are not contacted within 72 hours, please contact our office to confirm that we have received your reservation. Every effort will be made to accommodate your requests. At this time, Mary's Place by the Sea welcomes WOMEN diagnosed with any type of cancer, who are in active treatment or up to two year post-treatment.  **Mary's Place by the Sea will re-open to a limited number of day guests beginning on October 6th. First priority will be given to those guests who were scheduled and needed to be cancelled due to COVID-19. We welcome you to complete a Reservation Inquiry and we will get in touch with you as soon as space becomes available. We will also send you a list of our Virtual Services which are welcome to all women with cancer! UPDATED: 9/21/2020.

Day Visits

  1. Day Guests may visit Tuesday-Thursday at this time. 
  2. Check-in time may vary.

Mary’s Place by the Sea is operated by volunteers. Our services are provided at no cost to our guests, by licensed practitioners. Please note: We STRONGLY RECOMMEND getting clearance from your Doctor prior to your visit to Mary's Place, for your own peace of mind. If you are requesting an oncology massage or reflexology, a letter of clearance will be required.  A letter of clearance may sent be from your Doctor's office prior to your arrival, or you may bring it with you. 

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Check-in and Check-out is at 11am.

Please note: You will be personally contacted within 72 hours to confirm your reservation.  If you have not received a call, please contact us at 732-455-5344.

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Please select 2-3 of the following INDIVIDUAL services that you MAY BE interested in receiving during your stay. (We do our best to accommodate your desired services based on the availability of our practitioners). Please note that we require a note from your oncologist, stating that you are under their care. Your oncologist must also indicate that you are cleared to receive oncology massage and/or reflexology if you wish to receive those services.

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You only need to indicate your Prayer Tradition if you are requesting prayer. Thank you.

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1. I understand that Mary’s Place by the Sea is a non-smoking facility.*

2. I understand that Mary’s Place has zero tolerance for firearms, illegal drugs and alcohol.*

3. To maintain the peace and tranquility of the home, I agree to return to the house by 10PM.*

4. I agree not to share any medication with anyone at Mary’s Place by the Sea.*

5. I understand that Mary’s Place by the Sea is not responsible for lost or stolen items.*

6. I understand that I need to present a note from my oncologist in order to visit Mary's Place.*

7. I understand that my oncologist must indicate that I am cleared for oncology massage and reflexology, should I wish to receive either of those services.*

8. I understand that all services are COMPLIMENTARY, and that every effort will be made to provide my desired services based on the availability of practitioners.*

9. I understand that Mary's Place by the Sea reserves the right to call 911 in the event of an emergency and at the discretion of the staff and volunteers.*

11. I understand that Mary's Place by the Sea reserves the right to ask me to leave, if deemed necessary, should my physical or emotional health state become a disruption or risk to other guests.*

Photo and Video Disclaimer: From time to time, we capture photos and/or videos of our guests and visitors to be used on social media sites including our social media pages and other printed materials such as our brochure. We respect your privacy and request your permission to take an occasional photo of you during your stay at Mary's Place by the Sea. Please indicate your permission by selecting "yes" or "no".

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