Our Team

Michele Gannon

"It’s a blessing to meet the women who come to Mary’s Place by the Sea – they are truly courageous. When I hear someone say, ‘This is where my healing began,’ I know that we have made a positive impact."

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Maria McKeon

"I love that we are community based. We are making a difference for women, in the community, and the world – helping women look at their own lives and make changes to improve health.”

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Mary Ann LaSardo

"Mary's Place by the Sea represents hope and the future, when everything around you is falling apart. While Mary’s Place provides peace and love, our guests provide us with energy and joy. I am so grateful to serve on the Board of Trustees and as a volunteer." 

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Board of Trustees

Ginny-Whipple Bernker

"Walking through the doors of Mary’s Place instantly instills a sense of calm and puts my life into perspective, making me want to contribute even more of my energy and time to its mission."

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Karen Carolonza

“I have been working in oncology arena for years -- on the industry side where patient-centric is a buzz word used to describe a company's commitment to their customers. It wasn't until I spent time at Mary's Place by the Sea that I saw the true demonstration of patient-centric, along with its real-life impact.”

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Jeanne Reichardt

"I was inspired by the mission and the strength of Faith and Hope that I felt each time I was given the opportunity to assist Michele and Maria."

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David Armstrong

"From the outset of my involvement as a board member, I have witnessed first hand the positive impact that Mary's Place by the Sea has on the lives of our guests.  My participation in this great venture is a privilege and a life-enriching reward."

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Jeffery T. Bassett


“I love Mary's Place by the Sea”

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